Feeding Readiness Scale



 1.       · Drowsy, alert, or fussy before cares

            · Rooting and/or bringing hands to mouth/taking pacifier

           · Good tone (presupposes autonomic stability)


2.      · Drowsy or alert once handled

         · Some rooting or taking of pacifier

          · Adequate tone


3,      · Briefly alert with cares

          · No hunger behaviors

          · No change in tone


4.     · Sleeps throughout cares

        · No hunger cues

        · No change in tone


5.    · Needs increased oxygen with cares

        · Apnea and/or bradycardia with cares

        · Tachypnea greater than baseline with cares




1.    · Nipples with a strong coordinated suck throughout feed


2.   · Nipples with a strong coordinated suck initially but fatigues with progression


3.  · Nipples with consistent suck, but has difficulty coordinating swallow. 

       Some loss of liquid or difficulty in pacing.


4.  · Nipples with a weak/inconsistent suck.  Little to no rhythm. 

        May require some rest breaks. 


5.  · Unable to coordinate suck-swallow-breathe pattern despite pacing. 

        May result in frequent or significant A/Bs or large amounts of liquids loss

        and/or tachypnea significantly greater than baseline with feeding..




· External pacing

· Modified sidelying

· Chin support

· Cheek support

· Oxygen modification